Tips On How To Engage Your Team

If you take a close look at your team, you can most likely see that not all of them are engaged in their work. But what is engagement anyway? Having an engaged team doesn’t mean that they need to be just satisfied and happy, even though those are pretty good goals. However, having satisfied and happy employees aren’t necessarily engaged in their work. An employee who is engaged must have a precise role in the team, be of a lot of help, communicating and working with the rest of the team and making self-progress.

Why is Important to be Engaged

Engaged-TeamThere was a lot of research on this matter why is good to have engaged employees in a company. The research proved that if an organization consist of a team that is fully engaged in their work it will greatly benefit them in many ways. For example, customers will give much better ratings when they see the amount off an effort that is being put into the work. With better customer ratings, an organization will immediately have more profit and profit is the main goal of an organization. It is one big circle that can improve every organization. Simple as that if you have a team that is engaged in their work you will have more productivity, with a that more customers and profits.

How to improve the team engagement

As team manager or builder, your job is to tell them what and how to do. You need to be in charge of every single one of them. Here are some tips that can help you with that.

Connect with the team members

Team-WorkingIf you want to shape and create the best team for your project then, the most important part is to connect with them. This is important because you will learn more about each of them, what are some of their talents or what are their needs. They will see that you are interested and they will react the same way. You will see that they will start paying more attention to their work and be a lot more engaged.

Earn their Trust

The foundation of every manager is having trust with your team members. If you gain their trust you will see a boost in their performance. However, to build a trust, you must open up to them as a person.

Match Members with Tasks

Most likely every member of your team will be able to do what you ask them to, but sometimes it is best to give out tasks to those people that are more suitable for it. You will know this only if you have connected with them.