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Our Mission

The main mission or goal of our app is to help team builders and managers to save time and engage their team members in their work. The creators of this app had the idea to create such an app that will provide team managers with new and fresh ideas that they can implement on their team because after some time the same activities and ideas became boring. Our plans for the future of this app are to further improve the options for the user and to implement even more fun activities and ideas. We are trying to constantly update our app and keep it fresh for our clients.

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App Features


Team Planning Tool

Specially designed tool that will help you and your team to plan out tasks at the same time.


On the leader board you will be able to see how each person from your team is performing.


Event Monitoring In Real Time

Now you can monitor the process of the even in real-time from your phone using this app.

Post/Even Sharing

This feature is allowing you and your team to share your experience on some social media platforms.



This feature is maybe the most important one out of all because it allows you to communicate with your team through the app.

Customized Questions

Our app comes with questions, but if you want to change them and make the suit your team you can do it.

What People Say About Us

Michael Davis “I was totally new to this whole team managing and building thing, so I decided that I needed some professional help. I have tried out many different apps and guides, but not one of them was this good and precise as this app. My boss was extremally pleased with the work I have done.” Michael Davis






Thomas Harris“This app totally changed the way I work, with the use of this app I managed to save a lot more precious time. Also, this app helped me to bring my team a little closer together and teach them how to work and think as one for maximum performance.” Thomas Harris


Paul Clark“The scavenger hunt option that this app offer was a total success for my team. I never saw them work so well and fast together as a team. furthermore, this app showed tips and guides how to manage the team and build the perfect one that will serve me well.” Paul Clark

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How It Works

This app is very simple to use, it has a specially designed user-friendly interface that will make everything easy for use. Our team that built this app consist of specialized people who have a lot of experience in planning, innovating and exploring different things. They together created this app that will do all the hard work for you, that way you don’t have to stress so much and you will have a lot more free time on your hands that can be spent on different fun activities. This app offers options like looking at the leader board, that way you can see at any given time who is performing the best from your team.